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The Jana Quarter Horse Farm is located in a rich limestone valley of Central Pennsylvania.  Our soils enable us to produce foals with quality bone and feet.  Our four-seasons climate allows our foals to develop in a healthy environment.  Our entire farm is devoted to pasture allowing our foals to "run out" year round, thus enabling them to develop athletically and socially.


In childhood I learned from my father, a buster of wild and domestic horses, that a horse has a primary purpose to be enjoyed while riding.  With over fifty years of riding, training, breeding and judging the American Quarter Horse we believe we have learned that a truly great riding horse possesses lightness of foot, ribs, neck and mouth.  These are coupled with an intelligent, willing attitude and a structurally sound, eye catching body.  Color is the icing on the cake.




Jack gathering cattle on Jim and Darlene Swenson's place, Beulah, ND. When near the Swenson's, give them a call. They have good horses. (701) 873-5720



Over the past half century as the Quarter Horse has increasingly become the Quarter Show Horse, which emphasizes event-specific animals; we have experienced increasing difficulty in finding quality, versatile riding horses.  Our mission, then, is to breed for you and us the quality horse we enjoy.  




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